Real Estate Market In India

With property boom in India spreading across all directions, real estate business is touching a new height every day. Additionally, the growth of this sector depends on the policies adopted by the government to make investments mainly in the economic and industrial sector easier. The new stand chosen by Indian government in regard to foreign direct investment (FDI) policies has inspired confidence an increasing number of countries to make investment in Indian properties.India has displaced the United States as the second-most suitable destination for FDI in the world. As the investment scenario is changing, India has attracted more than four times foreign investment at US$ 8.96 billion during the first half of 2006-07 fiscal, as against US$ 3.38 billion during the corresponding period of 2005-06. And this achievement is making India amongst the “dominant host countries” for FDI in Asia and the Pacific (APAC).The positive point of view of Indian government is the key factor behind the unexpected rise of the Indian real estate market. The real estate sector is the second largest employer after agriculture sector in India. Today, this growing sector is witnessing development in all areas, such as retail, residential and commercial in metro cities of India that include Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi & NCR. Easier access to bank loans and higher earnings are some of the primary basis behind the sudden jump in real estate sector.Why Invest In Indian Real Estate?Owing to vigorous boom in real estate sector, property in India has become a dream for every potential investor who is looking forward to dig profits. All are eyeing for a share in Indian property market for a variety of reasons:o The Indian growing economy is on a continuous rise with 8.1 per cent increase witnessed in the last financial year. The sudden boom in Indian economy increases purchasing power of its people and creates demand for real estate sector.o India is producing an estimated number of 2 million new graduates from various universities during this year, which is creating a demand for 100 million square feet of official and industrial space.o Fortune 500 companies are in good presence and other reputed companies will attract more companies to initiate their operational bases in India thus arising more demand for corporate space.o Investments in real estate sector of India are paying huge dividends. More than 70 percent of investors belonging to foreign countries are making profits and another 12 percent are breaking even.o Aside from IT, ITES and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), India has shown its expertise in sectors like pharmaceuticals, auto-components, apparels, chemicals and jewellery where it can match the best in the world. These positive inherent characteristics of India are definitely going to attract more foreign investors in the near future.

Bathroom Building Trends For 2011

There has been a shift in the building industry over the past 24 months ever since the GFC. Credit is much tighter and consumers are even more careful when assessing their building choices. While the wallet seems to have shrunk there are still many innovative trends coming into the home building market as viable choices. We take a look at the top Ensuite and Bathroom trends that we think will be introduced in 2011 in the new display homes throughout Perth.Enhance your Ensuite with a double shower recess: This trend isn’t exactly new, but has been in the luxury market for the better part of the last 5 years. Shower recesses especially in the main ensuite have been attracting a double shower rose or a ‘his and hers’ shower rose within the one, oversized shower recess. This should start to be incorporated into most project homes and become mainstream in Perth as the cost to do so is minimal. This feature should be less than $800 retail, as an additional tap, shower rose and plumbing can be done for less than $400 and the additional wall tiling and oversized shower for a further $400. The benefits however are huge, with a spacious shower recess and the advantage of 2 people showering at the same time.Remove the shower screens: This trend is all about cleaning. No one in their right mind wants to be cleaning shower screens, especially with our ‘hard water’ calcium build up that we get in Perth. Introducing the ‘walk around’ shower, where a wall divides the main Ensuite with the shower recess. This feature unfortunately does come at a price, due to the considerable water spray generated without a shower screen the shower recess must be of significant size and in a location where the water is still trapped within the recess. You’ll see more of this in the upmarket homes and rarely in the project homes.Free standing Bath: Not for the tight wallets this option requires a lot of room and really creates a sense of opulence in the ensuite. A freestanding bath doesn’t have the restrictions that enclose an ensuite creating a fantastic sense of space. Generally used when there are views to be enjoyed from the Ensuite or Bathroom where a full height window is incorporated. A freestanding bath allows more light and view into the space than the conventional built in bath.Return to Corian benchtops: Stone benchtops have been really popular for a few years however there are health factors possible associated with the man made stone benchtops. This hasn’t been realised in Australia with our testing being more relaxed than in America, however were you aware that these benchtops are not approved for installation in the USA? Most people aren’t – however for the environmentally conscious and our health conscious the choice to switch to Corian is an obvious one. Corian achieves a very similar look and recently has begun to release new lines of innovative colours and styles, without the drawbacks of man made stone.If you’re thinking of building a custom designed home then your new home designer will have these and many other ideas to incorporate into your new home. Following trends is something they dedicate hours each week to research and building representatives from suppliers regularly visit designers to show off new products that may be incorporated into their new designs.It will be an exciting year of building and over the coming months we’re going to see new display homes unveiled and new innovative building ideas become mainstream trends for 2011.